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Why I think that poverty can never truly be eradicated

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Jul. 17th, 2008 | 12:33 pm
posted by: ockhamsadvocate in political_rage

People and politicians often talk about how they could eradicate poverty in countries like Africa if they could just provide free education, health care and good social security, but there is no evidence that any of this would work. Even if you managed to provide these facilities, some people would still be financially. As an example these things are available at a very high quality in the UK, yet there are still many examples of poverty here. I really believe that some states of poverty are in the mind and not issues of a lack of finance, but of lifestyle. Almost no one living in a city should be more than 2 miles from a free school, but there is still a massive illiteracy problem.

There is plenty of opportunity to get out of poverty, for a start no one should be illiterate, the country has some of the best social housing in the world, and one of the worlds best social security systems. Children living in the third world can walk for over an hour to get to school, this problem has been almost been eradicated here, but there are still children who don't go to school regularly out of their own choice. Poverty should not be nearly as prevalent as it is.

I know of plenty of people who the government would consider as poor. They do not want to do anything to change their financial status and throwing money at them will not induce motivation. My point is that it is pointless to make statements about eradicating poverty when not everyone wants to get out of poverty. Some people are comfortable in their economic state and if they make the choice not to change their situation, then that choice should be respected. As long as some people are making that choice, poverty will never be eradicated.

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